Why I Am Running

am a small businessperson and teacher living in North Brookfield, and I believe it is time for someone to stand up and fight for our small towns in central Massachusetts. My dream is to represent our region in the state House of Representatives with the passion and commitment that it deserves.


Central Massachusetts west of Worcester is an overlooked part of our state. For decades, as industry has dwindled, the state has failed to support the basic education, healthcare, and transit institutions that we need to thrive. Resources are poured into Boston, leaving our towns to squeeze property taxpayers for funds. As in so much of rural America, many younger people leave, and storefronts in some towns sit empty for years.


Our region deserves better. We need a fighter who believes in our small towns and will obtain the school funding, town-to-town transit, and revived rural healthcare that we need.


I am a proud Democrat, and I believe in the tradition of the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and other progressives that have fought for working people and rural America. The tabs at the top of this webpage will give more detail about who I am, who is supporting me in this campaign, and what I hope to do to advance the interests of central Massachusetts.

Our Introductory Video


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